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I got into ministry at the age of 16, confused about alot of things but sure about one thing..the fact i loved Jesus... I remember people saying *ba keisha 16? You are too young for this" and i agree i was too young not because of my age but because of my mindset Now nobody warned me the thorns this comes with... I mean what does a 16year old know about herself?? Close to nothing ill tell you that cause half the things i strongly stood for.. Had no business being in my agenda.. And i dont think i understood the magnitude of my statement Gospel Artist.. Thats even better the Magnitude of the term "MINISTER".. All. I had was zeal no knowledge... And ill tell you this zeal cant keep can't just feel things all the time.. Cause the day you dont feel. Like it then thats the end of it.. You need to have knowledge.. Because believe me you need to know how to handle bad situations.. This gospel ground is a war.. I get attacked every single day, EVERY SINGLE DAY.. I get tempted.. I get tried and if zeal is all i had.. By now. I would be an ex gospel artist out there going to uncle t every weekend like ive been advised to do for the passes 3years.. But i stayed because i have an idea of this God i claim to represent and because i know him and understand my mandate no matter how hard the wind pushes me i must stand cause feelings mean nothing.. Its all kingdom business.. I lost relationships.. I lost friendships.. But i gained God.... So dear young minister... Zeal is awesome.. But zeal wont keep you here... Your knowledge and love for God will.. Cause in due time you'll realize God is all you have. Keep The Light On

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