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BIOGRAPHY Kedo Jik, whose real names are Kalunga Kankonki, was born on the 29th of September in a town called chingola on the copperbelt in Zambia. The rapper, actor, writer, stand-up comedian, poet and graphic designer says he is “God’s Master Piece”, because he believes he is created for a huge purpose and reason for God to place all these gifts in him. Being born in a generation that is greatly influenced by media, as a kid, he imitated artists such as Akon, Eminem, 2pac, Nas and Kanye West. At the age of 15, he could sing like Akon and rap like Eminem. In high school, he was a notorious pupil who was found in a gang of other fellow pupils and they would fight and always get in trouble with the teachers every day. He was always sober though he acted like a person on drugs so people called him fwaka man. In 2013, he lost his best friend and this took him through a long journey of depression which later caused him to start drinking and smoking as a means of relief, as he claimed at that time. This laid to him changing his name to dobo ganja man. In 2015, on the 21st of July, he encountered the love of God. It was on this day that he laid his life upon the feet of Jesus and received His abundant Grace. It was on this day that he gave his life to Christ in the living room while he was praying. Today, Kedo Jik is one of the founders of the Team Jesus Movement and a member of the Creative Arts. Kedo is a name that was given to him in grade six, when he was a footballer, after his friends mispronounced Rivaldo, the Brazilian footballer, because they said he played like him while Jik is a name that was given to him by God while he was praying. Jik is an acronym for Jesus Is King. Kedo is a Diploma in instrumentation technology student who wants to use his life, especially art, to minister to people and just show them how much God loves them. He loves saying, “If God is my full time saviour, why should I be a part time Christian?” God bless. Keep The Light on

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