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Born on November 1st 1997, raised in Lusaka Zambia. The third born in a family of four, single orphaned at 5 and raised by a single parent. Chucky fell in love with singing at a tender age of 10, Besides praising and worshiping, her love for music is also influenced and inspired by the award winning international gospel star Abel Chungu Musuka. Chucky sings about the goodness of God and widely about Life because "life is not as easy as it seems without God." Through her gift in the music ministry, her mission is  to bring healing in a divine way that not only encourages  but mends broken souls and leading them into the kingdom of God, Chucky is  very passionate about spreading love and preaching healing and peace to all as the word declares. And  most evidently Chucky  uplifts God, loves and care for His children.  Chucky as envisioned her musical career by laying it in a theme "One Song at a Time, One Life at a Time" Keep The Light On Twitter: theChuckymumba  Instagram: theChuckymumba  Facebook: theChuckyMumba


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