How Chileshe Bwalya started singing

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“I can remember as far back as when I was 3 years old in kindergarten and through primary and secondary school. However I started ministry when I joined Miracles By Fire in October 2012. It’s one thing to sing because you can and another to sing because you understand why God gave you the ability to do so. I had the ability but I just no purpose, Prophet Mwale and Prophetess Mwale have played a great deal in helping me grow. I did sing for friends and tv commercials and radio adverts but now it’s for Jesus.” “God has given me so many plans. We embarked on a mission to create a Holy Ghost Network of worshipers and believers to spread the word. My responsibility at the moment is to equip and prepare with other believers for Gods work. Right now we are focusing on spreading the gospel. We plan on advancing the gospel into every area of media movies, tv series and music.” Chileshe Bwalya’s debut album , Talitha Cumi , was well received by fans of gospel music and shot to number 1 on the Sounds Top 20 local music chart. The title of her album, Talitha Cumi, is an Aramaic phrase which means “Little Girl Arise.” The album ,which was produced by Ikonik studios and Ben Blazer contains 12 songs. “Even the concept of the album is like a resurrection and I am basically referring to situations that point to this,” she said. The album features songs about marriage, broken homes, lost dreams and songs of worship, all of which reflect the album’s theme of resurrection. She cites prophet Humphey Mwale as her musical inspiration adding: “He is the one who taught me a lot in terms of music.” While pursuing a solo music career, the calm toned singer is also a member of the Miracles by Fire Praise team, whose debut album, The Anointing, occupied the number 1 position on the Sounds Top 20 chart. Keep The Light On


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