Who is Gwamba ?

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His rap career started in 2005 in his hometown, Lilongwe. In form 1 at the that his career began, Gwamba pushed his craft through battle raps and freestyle. While he was in school at St John’s Catholic Secondary, he came together with his peers to form a group Pittie Boiz. Their popular song as a group was called ‘work that thing’ and enjoyed massive airplay on Television Malawi, now known as MBC. Inspired by the likes of 50cent and local sensation Basement, Gwamba branched out as a solo artist in 2009. His hit singles at the peak of his solo career are ‘Sindingasiye bawa’ & ‘Tikakumane Kumadzi’. 2013 saw some of Gwamba’s best projects to date with singles such as Bola Kusache ft Nes Nes and Ndiyima pachulu ft. Bucci. Bola Kusache was well received by his fans as it was the most downloaded song of 2013 on Malawi-Music.com. Gwamba who made a switch from secular hip-hop to gospel hip-hop remains unwavered. His shift in approach did not cost him his fan base, if anything it was the beginning of even better things. His popular Gospel hits include ‘Better’ ft Emm Q & Tammy, and ‘Alleluyah’ ft Emm Q. He recently launched a gospel Album that features some of the industries heavy weights and is called Jesus is my boss. Keep The Light On

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